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Hurricane Wilma Survivors During Jamie's Advanced Certification Workshop in Oct 2005

ACH Workshop

ACH Workshop

ach Workshop

ACH Workshop

ACH Workshop

ACH Workshop

ACH Workshop

Table Set-Up

Table, Mapping Examples, and Reference Materials

Idea Mapping Examples and Reference Materials

Large Room View

Idea Mapping Workshop in Saline, MI (1)

Idea Mapping Workshop in Saline, MI (2)

Jamie Working With MTSU Faculty

First Sighting of the Idea Mapping Book at Barnes & Noble


Photograph Descriptions

October 2005 Hurricane Wilma Survivors

This photo was taken during one of Jamie's Avanced certification programs in Palm Beach, Florida

Front to back is Vanda North, Jamie Nast, Liza Jennings Seiner, Choon Boo Lim, JoAnne Lo, Hannelie Spies, and Jennifer Goddard















ACH Workshop Photos

The following series of 11 photos were taken during a

2-day Idea Mapping

Workshop taught by Jamie Nast. This class was taught

at ACH (Ford subsidiary) in June 2007.

This first photo shows participants working on

an Idea Map of an article







ACH Group Discussion of an Activity












Jill Creates Her Idea Map













Working on an Activity













More Mapping!













Idea Mapping Activity













Close-up of Tom creating his Idea Map












Table Set-Up

This photo shows a typical set-up for tables during the Idea Mapping Workshop. When participants remove their set of colored markers fro their Idea Mapping Kits, it only gets more colorful!









Table Set-up & More

This is a view of two out of five table set-ups plus the reference materials and Idea Mapping examples in the background.










Idea Mapping Examples & Reference Materials

This is a shot of two out of six tables displaying Idea Mapping examples and reference materials during a typical course.










Large Room View

I still couldn't get the whole room in the photo, but it's the largest view I could provide.











SLI1 - Nov. 2006

On November 16, 2006 Jamie Nast taught her 6th annual Idea Mapping workshop for the SLI (Saline Leadership Institute). This institute brings together leaders from the Saline, Michigan community for an advanced & innovative 9-month program. Participants are from business, education, health care, and government services.

This photo shows Steve and Kevin working to create an idea map they can use in their business or life.



SLI2 - Nov. 2006

This is a second shot of the November 2006 class.  There were 23 people in attendance.











MTSU - Sept. 2006

For the 4th year in a row, Jamie started the school year off with Idea Mapping workshops for 73 adult students and faculty at Middle Tennessee State University.

In this photo Jamie is working with 3 faculty members during a 1-day workshop.







First Book Sighting

Sept. 2006

It is a thrilling experience to see your book in a bookstore for the first time! 

This photo was taken in the Management section of the Barnes & Noble in Northville, Michigan. My husband, Kevin, was the photographer.

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