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For the first time, Mindjet partners with author Jamie Nast to create a complete tool for the business professional. The Idea Mapping book (John Wiley & Sons, Sept 2006) provides clear instructions on how to create Idea Maps as well as practical, real-world examples and suggestions from 21 business people around the globe.  MindManager maximizes the synergy of creating maps both by hand and by using the software.  A trial CD is included in the back of each book. Finally a workshop that comes straight to the reader! 

MindManager software ensures success by empowering you to focus on the details, mitigate risks, and exploit opportunities!


Every business professional who finds Idea Mapping a useful tool will also find a need to create and store maps electronically. The Mindjet product has many benefits including allowing users to import and export to and from other software products.

Mindjet is the world's leading creator of mapping software.  To stay up-to-date with Mindjet news view the Mindjet blog.

For examples of Idea Maps included in Jamie Nast's Idea Mapping book that were created using MindManager software, click here. Or see additional non-book related software examples.


Idea Mapping Book Endorsement:

"The ability to visually capture and organize thoughts and ideas has enabled millions of people around the world to do their work with greater creativity and productivity, run their businesses more strategically, and manage complex projects more efficiently -- even map out a sales process or new product roll-out. Jamie Nast's very practical, readable book will get you quickly up to speed on one of the simplest but most powerful ways to organize your ideas, your work and yourself." (Mike Jetter, co-founder and CTO, Mindjet Corporation; co-author of The Cancer Code)

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